Hello…testing…do we have a blog here? I know, I know – blog FAIL. This year started so…unexpectedly and I think we’ve been kind of reeling ever since. We’ve had some personal things going on as well which has made for a very sad and neglected blog. We are cooking but we are both mostly sticking with the old standbys and not much new.

I did make a Kazakh feast for Nauryz (the Kazakh New Year) last week. Chrov Plov, Cheese Pastries, Meat Piroshkis, Carrot & Radish Salad (from mymommymakesit – I omitted the anise because we didn’t have any and used a little cardamom), Chicken Shashlik (kabobs), Honey Cookies, and Russian Snowballs (which are pretty much exactly like Mexican Wedding Cakes – I used a combo of walnuts and pecans which was delicious!). Oh and I also made a Russian Tea which was like a spiced punch. All in all, I had a wonderful day of cooking and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing the meal with friends! I took exactly ZERO pictures. Sigh. What kind of blogger am I these days?

We are excited to be expanding our family again through adoption. It’s been a big decision and it’s a big step in faith but we are thrilled to welcome #4! The process will take awhile – probably 12 months or so but we can’t wait! Our boys are delighted beyond words! So…that has been keeping us a little busy – discussing, deciding. etc. I’m also launching a new business since I LOVE Pampered Chef products and need to earn extra for adoption expenses.

Steph has a new job which is exciting for her! She will be so awesome! It will allow her a little less time for posting but hopefully we’ll both manage to continue sharing some recipes – or rather, get back to sharing… We are hoping to begin a family cookbook which is a big undertaking but would be so treasured!

So…that’s what’s happening in our non-blogging world.

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