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Thanksgiving has come and gone. Despite googling “”how to quickly thaw a turkey” and “how to cook a turkey from frozen,” it was a success. Note to self, check the turkey thawing daily to make sure it is truly thawing – three plus days was simply not enough for my 18 pound bird.

I should have taken lots of pictures of the different dishes, the table, and more, but alas, that didn’t happen. It was busy and exhausting and I didn’t want to hold up dinner. The dessert table held a couple of new recipes – Pear Frangipane Tart and Caramel-Cranberry Almond Tart. Both were pretty good though I think I actually liked the Apple Crumb Pie the best this year!

Caramel-Cranberry Almond Tart
Pear Frangipane Tart

Recently I was again reminded of how much I love the flexibility of my pizza dough when I made the cinnamon rolls below. It was a last minute, Saturday morning decision and we all enjoyed the sweet treat!

This month brings lots of baking which I thoroughly enjoy! We host a few different events which is good – so we can share all of the goodies. I’m planning to try some new candies and cookies as well as making some of our traditional favorites. I love the holiday season – Thanksgiving through New Years!


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  1. YUM! The desserts look great. I have a good Thanksgiving Morning recipe that I should share with you for what I call Coconut Yum Yums. You make them with crescent rolls and they are super easy. They are best hot but also taste good cold. If I can remember to bring in the recipe from home I’ll share!

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