Market Fresh: Peas

Spring is here! And with the arrival of this season, gardens will be planted and early vegetables will soon be ready for harvest. We enjoy peas so much – fresh from the garden, we will eat them raw. The bursting pea pods are a beautiful green and the round peas that come tumbling out of the pods are stunning. In the winter, I keep the freezer stocked with frozen peas (we don’t care for canned at all). So today, I’m sharing the simple ways that we enjoy peas.


1 lb. fresh peas, shelled (or frozen)
2 tsp. butter
salt & pepper to taste
fresh mint (opt.), chopped (or another herb like chives)

Cook the peas in 1/2 c. water until tender. Drain. Add butter and gently toss until melted. Season to taste. Garnish with fresh mint if desired. Serve hot – add a small pat of butter to the top for presentation.

We also very much enjoy chilled peas or fresh-from-the-garden (or Farmer’s Market) peas as a salad topping or as a simple salad of peas, onions, herbs, and a creamy dressing. They are wonderful in pasta salad or on any lettuce salad – especially when we top it with other vegetables.

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